Every part of ORPC has a clear role in the certain niche market and a specific integration approach to drive scale and synergies
across brands and business units.

We offer valuable, user friendly oriented products with attention to detail, high quality and functional dependability.
Aqua Marina is the world leading natural water sports brand covering inflatable SUPs, Windsurf, kayaks, speed and fishing leisure boats, professional water sports clothing and shoes.
MSpa is an industry leader of portable and inflatable spa. Offers more than 20 models of spa, from Hydrotherapy Jet to Air Bubble spa.
Silver Marine welcomes you to our collection of the very best fiberglass and inflatable boat range. Our commitment to new standards of quality, sophistications and style means that every Silver Marine is as unique and individual as its owner.  From FRP fishing boat to small tenders, we believe the only way to ensure a flawless boat is to apply the best technology and top material in the industry.