From a standing start in 1991, Frank built up ORPC to become world leading inflatable goods manufacturer by 2001. Since then, he has also headed up Aqua Marina, Silver Marine and MSpa, all of which make up the prestigious company - ORPC. Frank concentrates on product development, marketing, distribution and all kind of strategic projects. 1991 Frank Wang founded The ORPC as a inflatable water leisure products operation factory in Shanghai's southern part, Fengxian. 1993 In the beginning, ORPC mainly focused on the small garden and beach inflatable toys. 1999 The first production facility was squeezed into a 600 square feet (56m²) space and with only 50 workers to start with. In 1999, the new factory facility is built up, the new plant containing 776282 square feet (72119m² ) manufacturing and office space. 2000 Unveiled the Quick-up Above Ground Pool business, well knowned for easy set up and take down. Productions of inflatable Leisure and Sports Boat services starts. 2001 ORPC gains the ISO-9001 Quality Management Certification drives continuous improvement to ensure the factory operates efficiently with consistent reliability and excellent performance. 2002 Registered for the OBlue and the new ORPC trademark in 2002 and 2004. The company launched the Aqua Marina and SEABO Leisure boat brands in 2002. 2005 Silver Marine proudly launched the first model-CAPTAIN in 2005. Positioned as the premium inflatable boat maker in China. ORPC invented the first inflatable Jet Spa in 2005. In the following year, inflatable Bubble Spa is launched. Silver Cloud, Elegance and Camaro are the three flagship models by that time. 2006 Silver Marine participated the America's Cup in 2006 with the first China Team. 2008 Developed the first Phoenix RIB in 2008 as the flagship model at Silver Marine. 2009 MSpa trademark is registered in China in 2005 and worldwide in 2009. 2010 Work boat supplier for 2010 Shanghai World EXPO. Launched the EXPO surfing and work RIB in the following year. 2011 MSpa launched the Tuscany - a portable plastic-wood bubble spa in 2011. ORPC introduced the inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board to the Aqua Marina brand in 2011. 2012 Aqua Marina's new logo is created and registered in 2012. 2014 The first whirlpool Jet + air bubble all-in-one inflatable spa is developed by MSpa. Introduced at the SPOGA+GAFA show in Koln, Germany. 2018 Aqua Marina's SUP product line expanded to 21 models in 2018, from all around iSUP to specialty ones like fishing, yoga, windsurf and racing.