Global operation
ORPC global operations encompass business functions from product development to product sourcing, manufacturing and outbound logistics. Reliable, efficient and timely supply chain management and operations are the very important elements in the Group strategy.


ORPC has the logistic facilities including factory-specific warehouses in China and regional or country-specific warehouses in North America and Europe.

To gain operational efficiencies and cost savings, ORPC is constantly reviewing its make or buy strategy and local production and sourcing footprint. ORPC purchases the raw materials it requires – PVC, rubber, electric parts and components from global-sourced vendors.

ORPC owns the most well-known inflatable leisure goods factory in China, so that the production process  of all the inflatable goods is totally completed by the Group itself.

The ORPC global supply network ensures delivery of the right products, at the right place, at the right time. ORPC gathers intelligence from over 28 years global trading experience and 150K consumers, finds consensus between sales, commercial, operations and finance to provide the most accurate plans. ORPC then leverages a vast global alliance of suppliers, own manufacturing, distribution centers and transportation networks in an effort to fulfill each customer order on-time and in-full.